Beginner’s guide to minimalism: 10 things to simplify your life

Minimalism is a lifestyle that allows us to live with a purpose and better focus on the things that matter to us most. I am not going to sugar coat things and tell you that taking the first steps towards simplifying your life will be easy because that would not be the truth. After years of practicing certain habits breaking away from those is not a simple task. A person can always start with one change at a time. It will ease the process and it will not feel as if your heart is ripping apart once you start to eliminate all those overburdening habits. Here I will list 10 things to help with simplifying your life:

1. Material possessions: Look around your house and ask yourself how many of these things have you used in the past 6 months and how many serve some kind of purpose in your life? These possessions that sit in your cabinet, in your closet, or any other space in your home is translated into hours upon the hours worked sacrificing other important things such as time with friends and family, or an epic trip. The more things a person has, the harder it is to keep up with them. Before you know it the household choirs have significantly increased which means spending even more time away from the things that matter the most. If you don’t use it doesn’t belong in your house. Simply get rid of it.

2. Time: Time is so valuable, yet we fail to appreciate it everyday by wasting enormous amounts of for things that don’t make us happy. Eliminate unnecessary commitments that cause additional stress and take you away from enjoying that time that is our life and is such a precious gift.

3. Debt: Stop spending what you don’t have and eliminate whatever debt you have acquired so far. I know, easier said than done and it may take sometime but taking these small steps today will make you a much happier person.

4. Friendship and relationships: This one is a really difficult one but if someone is causing stress in your life it is best to let them go. Remove toxic people and while you do that try to discover those people that allign better with your own being.

5. Work: We have all done those jobs we don’t like so we can pay the bills. Learn to find the things you enjoy about your work and if you can’t, then go out and don’t be afraid to seek other and better opportunities. There is plenty of work available and if you already practice living the minimalism lifestyle you will be able to take on a less paying job that you actually enjoy doing.

6: Certain habits: Think about how your daily habits help you reach your goals. Does binge watching the entire season of your favorite TV show helps you in any way reach what you want for yourself? Does the daily trip to the fast food restaurant help you in any way? Have you wanted to start reading more books or workout more but keep finding excuses not to? Ask yourself these questions and reevaluate what do you do everyday that helps you or hinders your efforts and start making the necessary changes.

Getting rid of the things that don’t bring us joy can make us feel down and even guilty for a moment. That is the main reason most are hesitant to make the change. Once you realize the benefits, trust me, all doubts will be gone and before you know it others will want to know what is it you do to bring that glow to your life.