About Me


My name is Gergana Kuzmanova and I am here because I have a passion for helping people. My life has been filled with many ups and downs throughout the years. My story is long and full with all those experiences that people encounter every day leaving them drained, depressed, and without any purpose besides existing. Every day I asked myself what is the meaning of this thing we call life. Everyday I woke up to perform the same boring tasks and every weekend seemed almost the same. My being was stretched thinner and thinner by the day all while I was losing focus of who I was. It was a long path of refocus and redesigning my mindset so I can be the person I am today – happy, thankful, with a purpose, and fulfilled with the ability to enjoy the moment and appreciate everything that surrounds me. I had to encounter major life changes including divorce and leaving a comfortable but exhausting corporate job. I left toxic old friends behind, changed a long list of unhealthy habits, and made a 360C° life turn around in less than a year. I say the changes took a year but the realization that things weren’t right and figuring out the steps that I needed to take took more than a decade. After interviewing many people I found a major correlation between the way we live, society’s expectations, and the failure to enjoy the present due to always chasing something somewhere in the unknown future. Our stories are different in terms of events but their nature stem from the same root causes. To me that meant that if some people were able to overcome it, than I and anyone else was just as capable of doing so.

In my own quest to live happier life I gained valuable experience and dove into studying how to help others achieve the same. I never had guidance directing me on the right path but I can see the dire need for such individuals and that is where I came in. During my life transformation stages I realized what my purpose was and I know now that it was in front of me that entire time, I just had to make these long loops around to finally see it. Today I help others do the same because going on that path on your own could be a dreadful and long journey, and there is a chance one may never reach it without the proper guidance. Sometimes we just need a little push in the right direction and other times we need an entirely new focus and a path to get us there, but there are ways to make our living easier, less stressful, and much happier. It may seem like a scary road but I promise you, while there will be a lot of homework to do, it is absolutely achievable as long as the dedication to change is there.