Let’s talk about that after 5 o’clock mood. The power of a smile

I am always a cheery person and the one that randomly sends a big smile to a stranger as we cross paths down the street. The other day I stopped at the grocery store after 5p.m. which is unusual for me because I try to avoid rush hour at all cost. I quickly grabbed my two things and started walking towards the self check out register. I noticed one didn’t have a single person so I headed that way. As I was approaching closer I lift my head up and this lady looked straight into my eyes. As soon as she realized I was heading to the open register she turned her head towards the target and almost ran with her full cart to reach it before I did. It all happened within the matter of seconds and it actually brought a big smile on my face as I imagined it being a scene in one of those comedy movies we see on TV. As I was carrying my big smile I noticed something disturbing. The truth is I have seen it too many times but have never verbally expressed before. What I saw was a lot of different faces and even my smile couldn’t erase the dread and agony of these people’s daily life. They were all carrying their worries, struggles, and exhaustion with big signs screaming right at me. I could see and feel their pain through their eyes.

That sight is way too common in the life of the average American person. Go anywhere and just observe your surroundings. You will notice those same type of faces. It is crisis of overwhelming amounts of unhappy individuals going through the commotion of daily life. I can probably share a whole lot more similar stories but I am sure we have all seen them regardless if we were paying attention or not. I am certain the awareness just went up a notch. With that said, I will provide couple of tips on how to avoid being deprived of joy after a long day at work:

1. Gratitude: I can’t say enough about the magic of gratitude. Be thankful for everything you have. At the end of a long work day be thankful that you get to go home, that you get to see your family or your pets, that you have a place to go to, etc. Whatever your personal case maybe I am sure there are plenty of things one can be thankful for.

2. Smile: We don’t always feel like smiling but try to create conditions that will bring upon that up curve to your face. I often recall funny situations or even a joke. Smiling bring upon good hormones and you will be surprised the effect it has on others. It is truly contagious just like yawning. Once you start the ripple effect you won’t be the only one feeling good about that bright smile on your face.

3. Be kind: Now you really will think I am crazy but it works. It is like a drug used to fix anything in the world. Treat others the way you want to be treated and believe me, it will be returned.

4. Focus: Focus on the things you did right and the things you accomplished during your workday, not the other way around.

Don’t be just another face in the crowd. Be the happy and joyful person you deserve to be.

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