Getting your freedom back and moving on after a divorce : how minimalism can help

You are at a point of no return. Divorce is the second most traumatic event after the death of a spouse that a person can go through. It may feel like your entire world got shattered into pieces with the blink of an eye. There is a chance that you did not even see it coming but it is happening and you don’t know how to get yourself out the funk of asking yourself what happened and how did you get here, what did you do wrong, can you fix it, what will your new future look like. You will go through all the stages of grief as if a person died. For the average individual it takes about two years to move forward and for some even longer. As it is said: time heals all wounds. Two years is a very long time and after going through my own divorce I wanted to find out what made the difference between the level of happiness I experienced and other people that had a difficult time adjusting to their new reality. It was a very simple answer: I embraced minimalism. You may wonder how would getting rid of things help me and I will explain.

You may have heard the success stories of other people that got divorced, quit their job, and are now traveling or doing exactly what they have always wanted to do. I did not do that exactly as stated but the concept I practiced is very similar. When people go through a divorce or any major life change for that matter, they emphasize and think about what they have lost and not about the opportunities that such situation can pose. It is a simple mind shift. When I embraced minimalism I learned to let go of things I thought were important to me but really did not serve a purpose in my life besides providing comfort for the moment. I had the choice to dwell over the past and what I will miss or let it all go and move towards a life that aligned better with my potential and dreams.

Letting go of the physical possessions was only the first step. I quickly learned that I could do that in all aspects of my life: time, poor habits, even other relationships. By learning and perfecting the ability to let go I was able to introduce things, skills, knowledge, and experiences that I would have never otherwise had the interest to explore. Now the world definitely appears as an endless basket of opportunities where I can just reach and grab from the next best thing.

The perfect case scenario would be to practice learning to let go of things during all stages of life but if you find yourself in a situation where you are going through a divorce and are having a difficult time moving on, then I am here to tell you that mininalism works. It is a great tool to use to train the mind for a quick shift towards a better and a happier life. There is no need to suffer by focusing on what has been lost because we can’t change the past but we surely can create the future.

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