The things I no longer use and purchase in my household

Since I started my minimalism lifestyle I have eliminated a lot of things from my life and house. Here I will provide a list of some things I have applied changes to.

1. Rent an apartment: I know the reluctance about renting especially when everyone is striving to own a home. I used to be a house owner and here is the blunt truth: unless you are paying upfront for your house, homeownership is only an illusion. In fact, anything that a person has taken money from the bank to purchase is not theirs. Take into consideration the interest rates that need to be paid, needed updates, maintenance, repairs and the costs keep adding up. My house had so many bushes and a fair sized yard. Add the time for mowing, trimming, and keeping up with the secondary succession (because we can’t stop mother nature) and now this is not only a financial burden but a time constraint as well. There is a whole other list of the tools and equipment needed to run an efficient household. Selling a home is not the easiest task either (I can tell you all about that). If you need to move for a job opportunity, your family has grown, or any other circumstance occurs in your life that requires a quick relocation from your current home, you may find it way more difficult to do so.

2. Keep only one TV or get rid of them all: Yes, I do not watch TV which means I do not pay for Cable as well. I keep one in the house because my daughter uses it occasionally to play games or watch Netflix (that occurs rarely). If I was completely by myself I would not even have that. I have a tablet, smart phone, and a laptop which I use for work so there is no need for something that big. I probably would prefer to place a beautiful picture on my wall instead of a screen any day.

3. Bulk items: I buy only one thing in bulk and that is my hair color because I purchase it online and the delivery is cheaper. There is no need to clutter my cabinets with things that will be used months from now.

4. Canned and box foods: The apocalypse is not coming and we are not running out of food. I used to have the mentality of buying items for “just in case” type of situations. Don’t do that because it only ends up sitting and accumulating. Buy food that will be used within couple of weeks. Things that sit in the cabinet become forgotten and chances that a person would purchase the same item again when actually needed are much greater.

5. Clothes, shoes, accessories: Only buy whatever you will wear. Pull it out and make sure you use it or don’t waste your money. Also, there is no need to have a million outfits, shoes, or accessories. Simply keep what you have in good shape. I have been doing extra laundry to make sure me and my daughter have clean clothes all the time but it is also a breeze to put them away since it is much less items.

6: Furniture: We only share one dresser. I found there is no need to buy individual dressers if we can fit everything together. Since we have eliminated so many things out of our closets the need for storage space has also diminished. I also don’t think we would even need a couch if it wasn’t for guests. Since only my daughter watches TV rarely the time spent in the living room is the bare minimum. The same applies for the coffee table. We find the kitchen table to be much more appropriate for crafty work, card and board games, eating, etc. We have a bigger computer desk mainly because of paperwork filing and my daughter’s crafts. We share that as well and we utilize it to the max.

7. Make up: I really use only mascara and an eye liner. I keep couple of more products that I use occasionally. I stopped buying all the fancy make up because I never used it anyways.

8. Memberships: I never ever buy memberships. If I feel I need a certain service I would find a place that provides month to month payment options that are reasonably priced. Memberships are another type of financial commitment that can get you in trouble quickly if unable to pay for some reason.

9. Anything I don’t need: Really, I no longer buy things to have for that time in the future when I “might” use it. We have a routine in our house and I know what I need to use and that is what I keep or replace when needed.

Keep in mind that if you don’t use it, you should lose it. Don’t buy things you can’t afford and do some simple math of what it is really going to cost you not only in dollar but time value as well.

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