You probably found your way to this page because life sometimes can get pretty hectic and overwhelming. I am here to show you that life doesn’t need to be so complicated and can be a very enjoyable experience.

Minimalist coach will assist you in identifying and achieving goals and making significant changes in your life by eliminating broad areas of clutter from your personal life including material, mental, financial and time burdens that restrict you from living a better, happier and more fulfilling life.

You will receive help through the implementation of different strategies designed to aid you in reaching your personal goals. Your coach will guide you, keep you accountable, and motivate you on this journey of uncovering who you are all while providing you with helpful tools and hands on exercises so you can obtain the desired results.

Minimalist coach will help you with the following:

  • Find more time to focus on what matters most
  • Improve finances by eliminate unnecessary spending
  • Improve your confidence and personal image
  • Make your environment and personal space more efficient and suitable to your needs
  • Set clear priorities and commit to your goals
  • Become more organized, productive and effective
  • Shift to a positive mindset
  • Live with a purpose and a clear life vision
  • Increase feelings of happiness and satisfaction

The path to happiness doesn’t belong with the things we buy but with the memories and journeys we create.

I offer the following services:

One on one personal coaching: One on one sessions with me allows you to dive really deep into the things you are truly missing. I have the opportunity to learn about you on a whole new level which in terms allows me to help create a very personalize strategy specifically designed for your personal needs.

Six weeks challenge groups: These are innovative support groups with hands-on exercises. It allows all participant to share a broader view of their life challenges, gain valuable lessons, and practice together while sharing tips and improvements along the way.

Declutter your life in a day: This is suitable for anyone that wants to implement the minimalistic lifestyle. Sometimes major events such as kids moving out, weddings, divorces, buying a house, etc. call for drastic measures such as getting rid of the physical possessions that are cluttering your life. Other times people just need a new start by getting rid of everything old and overbearing but don’t know where to begin or are having a difficult time parting with their things. During a one day long journey I will guide you and help you toss and get rid of everything unwanted.

For more information please contact me and let us get your life in the right direction. Make sure to leave your phone number in the comments section.

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